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PLOCAN took part in the events organised to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Lanzarote Fishery School with an extensive presentation of the blue economy and the main activities of the Outstanding Scientific Technological Infrastructure and the educational initiatives that it is currently engaged in: the EDUROV marine robotics initiative y la Educational Passages initiative.

The visit by PLOCAN offered the students of the Fisheries School an insight into the marine professions of the future, based on the growing blue economy. The event was also attended by other education centres of the island of Lanzarote, thus propitiating a connection between the different initiatives presented during the programme.

The Lanzarote Fishery School (also known as the Professional-Fishery Training Institute) has been a national benchmark for fishery-related teaching for 75 years now. Its cutting-edge resources attract hundreds of candidates each year and it takes in 150 students from vocational training, training cycles and adult education centres.