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The offices of NTNU situated in Trondheim fjord, in Norway, was the site chosen to demonstrate and validate the final stage of the Smart Robot Submarines Working in Co-operative Network.

This third and final demonstrator, organised to validate the final stage of the technology developed in the project, was co-ordinated by SINTEF, one of the largest independent research organisations in Europe.

The final result consists of an integral control system for AUVs, ROVs and ASVs to enable them to work together efficiently on missions to achieve a given goal. The technologies developed over the three years of the project in the field of co-operation among vehicles include acoustic communications, radio-electrics and a range of different developments of both software and hardware integrated in the equipment.

The commissioner and technical advisors from the European Commission attended the final days of the demonstration to conduct the final audit of the project. After witnessing several missions and appraising the results of the project, they corroborated that the objectives had been attained. This concluded three years of collaborative work, in which PLOCAN has played an important role in design and validation of operations and demonstration tasks, together with reconnoitring the environment and disseminating the project..

The SWARMS Project was co-ordinated by UPM, and saw the collaboration of 30 partners representing 10 European countries.

The SWARMS Project received funding from the European Commission programme ECSEL-2014- 1: Key Applications and Essential Technologies by virtue of Grant Agreement nº 662107.

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