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The PLOCAN offices in Taliarte hosted a meeting with fourteen students who are currently undergoing training programmes in PLOCAN at different levels. The object of the event was for the students to make a presentation of the training that they are receiving in POCAN to their classmates and to explain the main tasks they have undertaken.

The event enabled students to discover training activities in areas such as the chemical analysis of industrial waste, developing web applications aimed at oceanographic data, the operation and maintenance of light autonomous vehicles (including the design of new elements printed in 3D), assessing the structures of renewable marine energies, educational electronics in marine robotics and support for the PLOCAN legal services.

PLOCAN has several levels of training plans, from Vocational Training up to PhD, via the curricular and extra-curricular practical sessions associated with University Bachelor and Master’s Degrees, along with their corresponding end of course dissertations. PLOCAN also offers a specialist training programme in gliders, the Glider School, which will be held this year for the ninth consecutive year from the 1st to the 5th of October. Click here for further information.

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