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PLOCAN took part in the Sixth General Assembly of the Smart Submarine Robots Working in Co-operative Networks project (SWARMS) funded by the European Commission and the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and organised in the offices of Tecnalia in Bilbao.

The SWARMS project is co-ordinated by the Polytechnic University of Madrid and its general objective is to extend the use of un-manned submarine vehicles and facilitate the creation and implementation of maritime and off-shore operations by reducing the operational cost of these and enhancing their security. The project has passed the half-way point and during this time, it has produced interesting results that have enabled it to pass the two audits scheduled by the European Commission.

This sixth assembly, which attracted 32 partners from 10 countries, focused above all on tackling important aspects aimed at completing the final design of the platform that will enable submarine robots to work together in carrying out missions and achieving common objectives. They also defined the details of the final project demonstration that will take place in Trondheim, Norway in June 2018.

The SWARMS Project has received funding from European Commission programme ECSEL-2014-1: Key Applications and Essential Applications under Grant Agreement nº 662107.