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The PAT18, Marine Renewable Energies working group (ENERMAR), of the Association of Naval and Oceanic Engineers of Spain held the VIII edition of their Technical Conference, organised by the Jorge Juan Foundation in the shore base of the Canary Island Oceanic Platform (PLOCAN) in Taliarte.

The offices of the Cape Verde Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the city of Praia hosted the presentation of the projects approved in the first INTERREG-MAC 2014-2020 call for projects involving Cape Verde partners. Under the supervision and co-ordination of the Joint INTERREG Secretariat of the Canary Island Government, as part of the strategic HEXAGONE project, a total of 42 projects (ENERMAC, DESAL+, REBECA, ISLANDAP, PERVEMAC II, MACBIOBLUE, MARCET, MACbioIDi, BIOTRANSFER2, SMARTDEST, ECOMARTPORT, CLUSTERING, CONFIAFRICA, INNOMAC, MACAROFOOD, MARISCOMAC, INGENIA 2, INTERPORT, CITY-2020, SMARTBLUE, NAUTICOM, AFRIMAC, CLIMA-RISK, ADAPTaRES, DEMA, ALERT4YOU, MACASTAB, VOLRISKMAC, SOSTURMAC, ECOTUR_AZUL, MARGULLAR, ECOTOUR, VALCONMAC, ECO-TUR, MIMAR, DEMOS, GOBAB, SIMPLIMAC, RIS3_NET, CARDIOMAC, JARUP III) were presented by partners from the Azores, Madeira, Canaries, along with their partners from Cape Verde, in the course of five thematic sessions directly related with the five strands of the call for projects: small and medium-sized enterprise; governance; technological research, development and innovation; climate change and risk prevention; and the environment.