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As part of the permanent operating and monitoring strategy of the PLOCAN integrated observatory, and as a contribution to the European AtlantOS project, , a new seasonal glider mission (ESTOC2017_1) is currently being run in the waters off the north-east coast of Gran Canaria.

The main object of this three-week mission, covering approximately 240 nautical miles and involving dives to a depth of one thousand metres every three hours, is to make a contribution to the bio-geo-chemical time data set at the ESTOC oceanic centre (the deep node of the afore-mentioned observatory), member of the international network of off-shore marine observatories OceanSITES and EMSO.

As a glider port facility and member of the EGO European network, PLOCAN helps both to implement international operating protocols and standards for autonomous oceanic monitoring platforms and with the management and dissemination of the data generated with missions of this kind. Against this backdrop, mention should be made of PLOCAN’s contribution to the European marine data management and standardisation through direct co-operation with the Coriolis and EMODNet initiatives, for the first time, making the data compiled by the glider in each dive available in real time, with quality control and in the standardised European format.

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