Call for employment: technician researcher/scientific for Scientific-Technical Area – Interim contract

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The position offered as Scientist / Technologist is defined as staff dedicated to both scientific and technical tasks. It is a job integrated into the organic structure of the Consortium. It is assigned to one area or several, on a permanent or temporary basis. It fundamentally requires mastery of the set of knowledge and techniques related to the functions to be developed and that require demonstrated professional training, as well as the management and coordination of small work groups.

It carries with it the need for a medium degree of proven and concrete experience / specialization, and it has a delegated and limited decision-making capacity.

The Scientific-Technical Area of the Consortium of PLOCAN incorporates the valorization of R+D+i, the promotion of business participation and innovation. It incorporates the management and valorization of R+D+i as a whole (including the specific elements currently collected, the scientific management of the technicians and project staff, the monitoring of the scientific-technological agreements and commitments within the framework of the activity of ICTS, the evaluation of the environmental impact of its activity, observation and prediction in the marine environment, science and technology associated with operations in the ocean or the national base operation of underwater vehicles, among others), the promotion of business participation and innovation, and the promotion of scientific-technical activities.

What will your duties be?

The person to be hired will perform functions according to the professional category (TECHNOLOGIST), highlighting, among others, the following technical functions:

  • Direct, plan and supervise the operations and communications of the offshore platform, to carry them out in a safe way, both for people and for vessels.
  • Coordinate the maneuvers and work to be carried out on the offshore platform, to carry them out in a safe way, both for people and for vessels.
  • Exercise the command and responsibility of the offshore platform, in all its aspects, in particular of the staff assigned to its operation.
  • Control and ensure the good condition and operation of the offshore Platform facilities, keeping control of all contracts related to the maintenance of the facilities of PLOCAN (electrical, fire fighting, plumbing, etc.).
  • Maintain the offshore platform in perfect order and cleanliness, discipline and good service.
  • Maintain updated records of the activities and operations carried out on the Platform, as well as carry out the access control established in the internal operating protocols.
  • Supervise the security procedures in the offshore platform, the general maintenance of the facilities and operations.
  • Participate in the planning of preventive activity and direct the actions to be carried out in cases of emergency and first aid.
  • Support and coordinate R+D+i activities and the staff who develop them from the Platform.
  • Coordinate the operation of the vessels of PLOCAN, related to the support to the Platform.
  • Contribute to the preparation of bidding documents or completion of the purchasing procedure, for the acquisition of goods, services and works, if applicable.
  • Give support in the activities carried out in the test site and observatory.

Additionally, he/she will develop the following general functions:

  • Coordinate and manage, under the supervision of the management, the interaction with the users of the services and / or equipment, public or private, trying to know their needs, requirements, demands and degree of satisfaction of the service, in relation to national and European projects.
  • Represent the ICTS in national or international organizations, promoting the use of infrastructure at a national and international level.
  • Promote, attract, prepare, coordinate and manage national and international scientific-technical projects.
  • Evaluate the viability of the projects proposed by users who access the facilities of PLOCAN.
  • Collaborate in the management of technical-administrative procedures.
  • Coordinate the ICTS occupational risk prevention system and dialogue with the External Prevention service: risk assessment, preventive activity planning, coordination of business activities, etc.
  • Contribute to the web, intranet, as well as dissemination and dissemination of results.
  • Participate in national and international events, committees and working groups, as well as in scientific-technical events (congresses, seminars, etc.).
  • Collaborate in all those other activities that arise from the activity of the job, and sporadically in all those other activities that occur in the activity of the organization.
  • Support in the Integrated Management System of PLOCAN.
  • Availability to travel.

What kind of profile are we looking for?

We are looking for a professional who has:

  • A MECES (Spanish Qualification Framework for Higher Education) level 2 in Industrial Engineering (MANDATORY). Higher-level degrees and the degree of Higher Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention will be valued.
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience in the management and maintenance of ships and / or industrial facilities (MANDATORY). Experience in maritime platforms or similar, in the management and coordination of work teams, in management and maintenance of electrical installations and smartgrids and in participation in projects, activities and / or tests related to Marine Renewable Energies will be valued.
  • A medium level on basic office management software (MANDATORY). Knowledge of Autocad and GIS will be valued.
  • An English level B1 (COMPULSORY). A higher English level and / or other languages with a level equal to or higher than B1 will be valued.
  • Training related to renewable energies (wind, solar, etc.) (MANDATORY).
  • Driving licence will be valued.
  • To be in possession of the maritime registration book in force and to have completed the Basic Training Course in Maritime Safety will be valued.

What do we offer?

  • Immediate incorporation.
  • Temporary employment contract of interim until provision of a place as a full-time TECHNOLOGIST (hours from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.). Subject to a trial period.
  • Salary according to value and budget availability, the maximum gross remuneration being € 31,318.00 per year. Additionally, a variable remuneration is established as a productivity supplement that may reach up to 30% of these annual remunerations, depending on the results of the annual performance evaluation. An additional complement may be established for the management of the specific functions mentioned above. Likewise, other complements and bonuses that are authorized by the management will be taken into account.
  • Turns and guards must be taken.

Do you want to work with us?

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PLOCAN is an essential initiative for the Canary Islands Government’s strategy in research, development and innovation (R&D); at the service of both the state and the international scientific and technological community. PLOCAN is included in the European coordination and collaboration actions in the marine-maritime field and Blue Growth.

Since 2009, the public consortium PLOCAN, created by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness and the Government of the Canary Islands, has captured more than 80 projects, which have involved almost a thousand partners from 49 countries and around 1,500 researchers.