Call for employment: technician researcher/scientific for Scientific-Technical Area – MUSICA and GRRIP projects

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It is a temporary contract for the recruitment of a scientific/technician researcher with the experience, skills and capabilities to assume the overall coordination, at European level, of the consortiums of the H2020 projects MUSICA and GRRIP, as well as, the necessary implementation with other projects included in the PLOCAN Energy and Water Project Programme Portfolio (ENAG) and the Strategic Projects Portfolio (PRECIT).

The aim of MUSICA project (Ref. 862252) is to accelerate the roadmap to commercialisation of its Multi-Use Platform (MUP) and Multi-use of Space (MUS) combination for the small island market, and de-risk for future operators and investors, by validation to TRL7 and providing real plans to move to mass market commercialisation. The MUSICA solution will be a decarbonising one-stop shop for small islands, including their marine initiatives (Blue Growth) and ecosystems. The overall objective of MUSICA will be achieved by developing a replicable smart MUP.

MUSICA will provide a full suite of Blue Growth solutions for a small island:

  • Three forms of renewable energy (RE) (wind, PV and wave) (total 870kW), providing high RES penetration and competitively affordable electricity. Three forms of RE provide non-correlated supply.
  • Innovative energy storage systems on the MUP, provide all required storage for power on the island and platform, as well as electrical output smoothening (compressed water/air storage and batteries).
  • Smart energy system for the island, including demand response, modelling and forecasting based on high flexibility services from distributed generation.
  • Desalinated water made by desalination unit on the MUP powered by RES providing 1000m3 fresh water for a water stressed island.

The MUP will provide “green” support services for island’s aquaculture (pilot 200 tonnes production). This project will demonstrate that the MUSICA MUP is a viable enabling infrastructure for multiple RES, desalination and BG aquaculture services for small islands, that can share the same space and work synergistically together, sharing supply chains, reducing operating and maintenance costs and solving increasing demand for space.

The GRRIP Project (Ref. 820283) will embed Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) practices in 4 Research Performance Organisations (RPOs) and 1 Research Funding Organisation (RFO), (5RPFO) through institutional and cultural changes. The Marine and Maritime (M&M) departments or institutes from each RPFO will be the focus for project Action Plans.

  • Objective 1: Co-develop, implement and evaluate self-tailored RRI Action Plans (AP) to enable institutional and cultural change processes for the 5 Marine and Maritime (M&M) research performing organisations and research funding organisations (RPFOs) to embed RRI in their governance frameworks, structures and cultures. The APs will be based on a detailed Audit of the RPFO current RRI maturity level and the barriers identified. RRI dimensions will be incorporated into R&I.
  • Objective 2: Establish structures to facilitate, promote and maximise real sustainable engagement with, and input from, the Quadruple Helix (QH) (industry, societal actors, policy and other RPFOs).
  • Objective 3: Establish indicators and methodology for impartial Monitoring, Reflection and Evaluation cycles. Objective 3 will ensure provision of evidence of societal, democratic, economic and scientific impacts of institutional changes.
  • Objective 4: Develop a Mutual Learning process across the M&M RPFOs both during the institutional and cultural change project using participatory methods.
  • Objective 5: Legacy: To enable more M&M RPFOs to ground RRI practices through institutional and cultural changes by a) creating a practical user-friendly RRI AP framework template and guidelines, and b) launching a M&M RRI community.
  • Objective 6: Examine how an RFO can positively influence and encourage an RPO towards RRI via its funding policy and interaction. This will be explored via a case study.

What will your duties be?

The person to be recruited will assume the execution of these projects, as well as, the representative role, communication and follow up commitments with the European Commission. The recruited person will be in charge and responsible for executing all the established work packages, tasks and determined functions and commitments assumed by PLOCAN in both projects, as set up in their contractual agreements, to contribute to achieve its objectives. He/She will be responsible for the overall implementation, execution, control as well as the technical and financial justification of the projects.

Therefore, the recruited person will assume the overall scientific, technical, and administrative responsibilities of GRRIP and MUSICA with specific tasks as the following:

Scientific and Technical Tasks:

  • Leadership and overall responsibility for the production, on time and at the required level of quality, of all the Project deliverables under PLOCAN responsibility.
  • To review, contribute, improve, and verify all the project deliverables, established in GRRIP and MUSICA, and manage its final approval by the project technical manager and/or the appointed authority to submit and upload final versions to the EC portal.
  • [MUSICA]: Co-chair the project Technical Review Board; to develop and innovative containerised Business model and support instruments that will enable an effective service of the project smart Multiuse Platforms (MUP); to establish the size of the potential market for the innovative MUP applied to small islands (<2000 population); and to develop adapted business plan, commercialization strategy and validity assessments for the replication of the project MUP solution for other scenarios, including the leadership of the island of Gran Canaria.
  • [GRRIP]: To review and produce comprehensive assessment of the level of integration of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) pillars and practices in Marine and Maritime Research Centres; to guide and advise on effective and contrasted measures to support the creation of specific Action Plans, to be applied in Marine and Maritime Research Centres, to integrate, implement and evaluate RRI practices aligned with EC considered standards; and to contribute, advise and support PLOCAN steering boards in its current RRI practices diagnosis and propose an effective roadmap for improvement, to achieve a higher and better EU recognised level.

Administrative and financial tasks:

  • To contribute and lead all the administrative and financial management of GRRIP and MUSICA projects with the support and under the guidance and business-asusual practices of PLOCAN administrative and financial department.
  • To assume the responsibility of the administrative management and procedures of all the purchases and expenditures necessary for the correct execution of the projects.
  • To assume all the necessary communication and coordination activities with the other partners in GRRIP and MUSICA project.
  • To contribute to the effective representation of GRRIP and MUSICA projects in the day-to-day management of PLOCAN Project Programmes management.
  • To assume the leadership and responsibility of an effective dissemination and communication of PLOCAN activities in the framework of GRRIP and MUSICA projects, whatever communication channel and/or means have been implemented and decided in these projects e.g. Websites, press, radio, journals, magazines, conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.
  • The selected person will collaborate in all those other activities that arise from the execution and management activity assigned by the coordination; and occasionally in all those other activities that arise from the organization’s activity.

What kind of profile are we looking for?

We are looking for a professional who has:

  • A MECES (Spanish Qualification Framework for Higher Education) level 3 Engineering Degree: Industrial, Civil, Environmental, Electronic and/or Renewable Energy (MANDATORY). Superior education in the engineering fields mentioned above will be valued.
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in coordination of EU R&D funded programmes (e.g. H2020, Interreg, FTI…) in integration of marine renewable energies research field (MANDATORY). Minimum 3 years of experience in coordination of EU R&D funded programmes (e.g. H2020, Interreg, FTI…) in social sciences research field, research experience in business model, business planning and exploitation expertise and work experience in application, leadership, and coordination of EU funded project proposals will be valued.
  • A medium level on basic office management software as well as, basic knowledge on Information and Communication Technologies for on-line collaborative work/communications (MANDATORY).
  • An English level C1 (COMPULSORY). A higher English level and / or other languages with a level equal to or higher than B1 will be valued, especially Spanish and Greek.
  • Driving licence.
  • This position requires to spend aprox. 6 months yearly, with his/her own means, in Greece, in order to comply the MUSICA project requirements.
  • Excellent communication and managerial skills; consolidated networking experience in the Marine/Maritime sector with a range of universities, industries and NGOs; and consolidated Research Career based on the publication of peer-review articles, scientific books, magazine papers, etc, and/or the participation as speaker or organizer in scientific and technical conferences, workshops, seminars, fairs, etc; will be valued.

What do we offer?

  • Immediate incorporation.
  • Temporary employment contract as a full-time SCIENTIST / TECHNOLOGIST (hours from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) until December 31, 2024 (estimated date of completion of the MUSICA project); as long as funding is available, the projects continue and they are not terminated earlier. Subject to a trial period. An additional complement may be established for the management of the functions to be carried out abroad and mobility.
  • Salary according to value and budget availability of the projects.

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