Call for employment: technologist for Scientific-Technical Area – H2020 BOOST project

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It is a temporary employment contract associated mainly with the BOOST research project of the H2020 European program “Fast Track to Innovation”, giving complementary support to other similar projects within the same program or portfolio in PLOCAN.

The BOOST project (Ref. 965671) aims to design, build and operate a floating offshore platform for the generation of photovoltaic electricity. In the early stages, the project will adjust the designs and technical specifications of the prototype, its different components and innovations and will determine the meteo-oceanographic, geophysical, bathymetric conditions, etc. of the exact position for installation. In later phases, the construction of the prototype in Gran Canaria and its installation for its commissioning in PLOCAN will be managed. Before, during and after its removal, under the responsibility of PLOCAN, a complete environmental monitoring plan will be established and executed, as well as a detailed analysis of the environmental impact of the infrastructure. This project represents the first complete experiment of the floating photovoltaic test in the Canary Islands and Spain and one of the first experiences in open waters in the world.

What will your duties be?

As a technologist in the Scientific-Technical Area you will perform all the pertinent tasks and functions to complete the project and fulfill its objectives in time, form and with the required quality (supervised by the person in charge of PLOCAN). You will be responsible for its implementation, execution, control and completion, and its integration, coordination and promotion with the projects of the program and plan of which they are part. You must ensure its consistency with the strategy, with the acquired commitments and objectives to be achieved by PLOCAN.

You will contribute to the preparation of the deliverables and technical documentation with the participation of PLOCAN in the project; to the control and execution (supervised by the person in charge of PLOCAN) of the electrical connection of the prototype, including all technical and administrative tasks such as the request and processing of pertinent permissions and authorizations; to the design, control, execution and documentation of the environmental impact study and environmental monitoring plan associated with the PLOCAN prototype and Test Site; to the coordination of relations with partners and the management of working groups at a national and international level and to the preparation of bidding documents for the acquisition of goods, services and works. You will carry out the economic justification and administrative management resulting from the project, and the management and updating of the web, intranet and applications of the project, as well as dissemination of results. You will give support in the integral management of the program itself and the plan to which they belong and you will promote the project in the program to which they belong. You will participate in national and international committees and working groups, as well as in scientific-technical events (congresses, seminars, etc.).

What kind of profile are we looking for?

We are looking for a professional who has:

  • A MECES (Spanish Qualification Framework for Higher Education) level 3 degree in Industrial Engineering (MANDATORY). A Master in Industrial Engineering, Expert Courses or Master’s Degrees in electrical aspects, offshore platforms, marine environmental aspects, or marine renewable energies will be valued.
  • A minimum of 1 year of experience in industrial facilities (MANDATORY). Experience in renewable energy, and especially marine energy; in the subject of the indicated projects; in the management of European Projects, in particular, H2020; in marine environmental monitoring and execution of environmental monitoring plans will be valued.
  • An intermediate level of computer skills (MANDATORY).
  • An English level B2 (MANDATORY). A higher English level and / or other languages with a level equal to or higher than B1 will be valued.
  • Availability to travel.
  • Certification in the integrated management of scientific-technical projects, training in PRL and basic training course in maritime safety (maritime registration book) will be valued.

What do we offer?

  • Experience in design, control, execution and documentation of environmental impact study and environmental monitoring plan; in management of working groups at a national and international level and in the preparation of bidding documents for the acquisition of goods, services and works; and in the development and management of procedures for research and innovation projects in the field of marine-maritime energy.
  • Immediate incorporation.
  • Full-time contract for work or service as TECHNOLOGIST (from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.), during a period of approx. 28 months.
  • Salary according to value and budget availability of the projects.

Do you want to work with us?

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