During the III Conference of Presidents that took place on January 11th 2007, the Autonomous Regions and the National State in the framework of the need to promote science, research and new technologies in Spain, reached an agreement over the Map of Singular Scientific and Technical Equipments (ICTS) as part of the scientific policies comprised in the Ingenio 2010 program.

Twenty-four new facilities were approved with the aim to provide the scientific community with big infrastructures for research, that altogether with the alreading existing thirty-two, shape the map. The Canary Islands Oceanic Platform (PLOCAN) was one of the new approved ICTS.

On June 5th 2007, the Government Council of the Canary Islands approved the multiannual expenditure to cofinance the Platform. During July 2007, the Canary Islands Agency of Research, Innovation and Society of Information was set up.

In September 2007 (14/09/07), the Ministers’ Cabinet resolves to start the execution of the ICTS Map, beginning ten new ICTS of the twenty-four initially proposed. Later in November 2007 (23/11/07), the Ministers’ Cabinet authorizes the MEC to acquire the expending commitment for the nexte financial years, in order to enable the signature of the cooperation agreement.

The signing of the specific collaboration agreement between the MEC and the Canary Islands Autonomous Region to set up the Consortium for the design, construction, equipment and exploitation of the Canary Islands Oceanic Platform (PLOCAN), takes place on December 7th 2007, holding the first Governing Board meeting on December 12th.

During the second Governing Board meeting celebrated on December 18th, it is agreed to begin the selection process to elect the Infrastructure Director, which finalises in July 2008 with the appointment of Dr. Octavio Llinás during the fourth Governing Board meeting ((28/07/09).