Research careers in Europe are fragmented at local, regional, national or sectoral level, thus going against the upmost of scientific potential. The Charter and Code ensures that researchers can enjoy the same rights and obligations in any country throughout Europe. In 2016, PLOCAN endorsed the Charter & Code principles and is presently applying for the HR award. Moreover, PLOCAN is Euraxess contact point.

The ‘Human Resources Excellence in Research’ award publicly recognises research organisations which have improved their human resource policies to align them with the principles of the Charter & Code for Researchers.

Since the European Commission recommended implementing the Charter & Code for Researchers in 2005, approximately 1,200 organisations from 35 European and non-European countries have declared their support and more than 200 organisations have obtained the ‘HR Excellence in Research’ logo.

PLOCAN is currently applying for the ‘HR Excellence in Research’ logo. Download here the Action Plan.

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