PLOCAN mission is to provide a cost-effective combination of services, including housing, operations, data and access to the offshore multi-use platform, observatories and test site facilities that meet the upcoming scientific challenges of the oceans and socioeconomic needs.


The vision is to become a world-class testing site contributing to accelerate the development of enabling technologies and knowledge to conserve, regenerate and harness renewable resources efficiently and sustainably, providing equitable prosperity to users and efficient protection to the environment. The ICTS offers unique value services, attracting excellent science and technology users at national and international level, responding to the R&D&I challenges of the marine and maritime sector, and contributing to underpinning the Canary Islands, Spain, and the EU at the forefront of this sector.


  • Excellence: strive to deliver the highest quality and value possible (and approach every marine and maritime challenge with a determination to succeed).
  • Integrity: honest, fair, and respectful.
  • End User’s orientation: focused on meeting our End Users’ needs and take pride in helping them to accelerate science and technologies.
  • Innovative thinking: relentlessly search for better solutions and embrace change.
  • Collaborative work: one team working together to bring out the best of our quadruple helix strengths.
  • Empowerment: a shared common sense of corporate strategy and goals, through an open planning and co-design process, encouraging all our team to take initiative and responsibility and providing training if needed.
  • Transparency and equal treatment and opportunities: promoting a working environment which provides transparency, equal treatment and opportunities and deleting unlawful discrimination.