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Facilities / Offshore Platform / Platform

 Oceanic Offshore Platform

The infrastructure, built over a caisson which rests on the seabed, is located 1 Nm offshore, in the NE of Gran Canaria, at 30.5 m depth and with a Surface of 5000 m2.

Main Features
  • 15 days/15 people autonomy
  • Maximum capacity of 40 people
  • Test tank of 6x6x10 m
  • Telescopic crane with a maximum capacity of 500 Kg at 5 m
  • Marine crane with a maximum capacity of 20 Tn at 9 m
  • Gantry crane of 4 Tn maximum capacity
  • Submarine communication cables
  • Underwater electrical transformer station and electrical substation
  • Connection to the electricity transmission grid
  • Continuous monitoring system.
The main infrastructures installed in the platform are:
  • 2 Floating quays of dimensions 3,0 x 6,7 m. in the south corner of the structure.
  • Personnel transfer basket (by crane) capable of transporting up to four standing passengers or 2 person plus stretcher. Max gross weight: 800kg.
  • Telescopic crane with a 17,70 m. boom.
  • Sewage treatment plants: 2 treatment plants for grey (for recycling 3.500 l/d) and sewage water (around 94% reduction in BOD, 93% in SS and 80% in CDO).
  • 3×11 m3 tanks which gets sea water from different depths and 2×16 m3 tanks, one with sea water that will undergo a process of desalination and will pass to the other one where the fresh water is stored, desalination system with a capacity of 16 m3/d, fresh water tank, hand tools and other small equipment, two pallet trucks with a maximum load capacity of 2,5 tons.