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Facilities / Offshore Platform / Platform


The infrastructure, built over a caisson which rests on the seabed, is located 1 Nm offshore, in the NE of Gran Canaria, at 30.5 m depth and with a Surface of 5000 m2.

Main Features
  • 15 days/15 people autonomy
  • Maximum capacity of 40 people
  • Test tank of 6x6x10 m
  • Telescopic crane with a maximum capacity of 500 Kg at 5 m
  • Marine crane with a maximum capacity of 20 Tn at 9 m
  • Gantry crane of 4 Tn maximum capacity
  • Submarine communication cables
  • Underwater electrical transformer station and electrical substation
  • Connection to the electricity transmission grid
  • Continuous monitoring system.
The main infrastructures installed in the platform are:
  • 2 Floating quays of dimensions 3,0 x 6,7 m. in the south corner of the structure.
  • Personnel transfer basket (by crane) capable of transporting up to four standing passengers or 2 person plus stretcher. Max gross weight: 800kg.
  • Telescopic crane with a 17,70 m. boom.
  • Sewage treatment plants: 2 treatment plants for grey (for recycling 3.500 l/d) and sewage water (around 94% reduction in BOD, 93% in SS and 80% in CDO).
  • 3×11 m3 tanks which gets sea water from different depths and 2×16 m3 tanks, one with sea water that will undergo a process of desalination and will pass to the other one where the fresh water is stored, desalination system with a capacity of 16 m3/d, fresh water tank, hand tools and other small equipment, two pallet trucks with a maximum load capacity of 2,5 tons.


Situated over the command centre, capable of housing helicopters up to a maximum length of 18 m and 6 ton. Currently, under legalisation procedures.


Raised above the deck, with 360º vision. All control and operational activities of the platform and the test site are managed from here. 



Divided into two floors, housing laboratories (297 m2), classrooms (39 m2), kitchen (64 m2), dining room (80 m2), lounge (37 m2), etc.


This is a hangar (590 m2) and an open working area (546 m2) where there is an open test tank (6,0 x 7,8 m). It has a telescopic crane for stacking containers. The test tank will facilitate sea trials and launching specific underwater vehicles and equipment into the sea. BASEMENT LEVEL (1.215 m2): Houses the installations rooms and the power management equipment.

BASEMENT LEVEL (1.215 m2):

Houses the installations rooms and the power management equipment.


Offshore Platform

Marine Smart Grid

Offshore Platform