Marine operation services at the Oceanic Offshore Platform


The Oceanic Offshore Platform installation provides efficient access to the ocean at increasing depths, in an environmentally sustainable way. The facilities are offered for scientific and technological experimentation and research. Located on the edge of a continental shelf, it offers access up to about 600m deep, allowing deep investigations and access to wide water columns. On the other hand, the habitability and resting areas allows investigations to be carried out during a continuous period of 24/7/365.

A service for the installation of devices, prototypes or new materials for ocean testing is offered; collection of samples; installation and uninstallation, connection and manipulation in experiments and trials.

Service modes
  • Remote

The experiment is carried out by PLOCAN technical personnel and the presence of the user is not needed.

  • Partially remote

The user may access at some points of the experiment.

  • On-site

The user is present throughout the experiment.

This service is mainly linked to the Oceanic Offshore facility.
It is subject to a fee.

Overall, it should be noted that the abovementioned services are mainly associated with an installation, not excluding the possibility to request specific services at any of the five installations comprised in the infrastructure of PLOCAN. The consortium offers logistical support to users in.

  • Preparation of devices prior to going to sea, monitoring and control of them; testing and recovery of devices.

  • Monitoring and control in real time of operations through the visualisation of images and data generated by platforms and devices.

  • Highly specialized training courses.

  • Preparation, adjustments and preliminary tests of prototypes.

  • Direct, fast and guaranteed access to the deep and coastal node.

  • Technical and logistical support for testings and operations both in tanks, as well as in confined and open waters.

  • Multidisciplinary and sectorial technological cooperation with institutions and companies.