PLOCAN at the Science and Innovation Week in the Canary Islands 2022

By November 18, 2022 November 28th, 2022 News

PLOCAN’s mission and its contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals was the focus of the participation of the Singular Scientific Technical Infrastructure in the commemoration of Science and Innovation Week in the Canary Islands 2022.

Science plays an essential role in maintaining a stable and sustainable economy and the development of countries, however, citizens do not always have easy access to the scientific and technological advances that are made, nor to how these contribute to improving their quality of life.  In this context, PLOCAN programmed an approach to science and its achievements to the non-specialist public with visits to the headquarters on land, receiving during the week more than 130 students from five educational centres who, in addition to getting to know the PLOCAN facilities, participated in a workshop on renewable energies within the framework of the EDUROVs project.

EDUROVs aims to build robots from low-cost materials, with free software and hardware, to bring students closer to science and technology in a practical way and to stimulate professional vocations in the field of technology, and is funded by the Department of Economic Development, Energy Sovereignty, Climate and Knowledge of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and PLOCAN.

The Science and Innovation Week in the Canary Islands is promoted by the Department of Economy, Knowledge and Employment of the Government of the Canary Islands through the Canary Islands Agency for Research, Innovation and the Information Society (ACIISI).