PLOCAN offers access to its facilities on land and offshore in order to promote R & D & I in the marine-maritime sector, providing specialized services such as testing and demonstration of technologies, consulting, integrated management and training.

Data Services

This service consists of data acquired by a group of lagrangian observation systems, mainly based on autonomous marine vehicles and drifter buoys, carrying out seasonal missions, in order to connect coastal and ocean waters, and observe the Atlantic Ocean; it also obtains valuable oceanographic data from the marine environment.

Hosting Services

Several scales/levels of testing are offered: fixed and floating experimental devices, special structures, testing of components in the marine environment, operational testing in operation of marine technologies, optimization of equipment at sea and, in general, any test of technologies, concepts or experimental services in the marine environment.

Marine technical operation services with VIMAS

The access to the glider, ROV and ASV fleet based in the Canary Islands is provided through the VIMAS (Underwater Vehicles, Instruments and Machines) facility. PLOCAN offers service providing a unique opportunity for scientists and engineers to use distinctive equipment in both coastal and open sea areas to carry out research, monitoring or testing activities; being able to carry out continuous measurements of various meteorological and oceanographic variables, sampling, ocean testing etc.

Marine operation services at the Oceanic Offshore Platform

The Oceanic Offshore Platform installation provides efficient access to the ocean at increasing depths, in an environmentally sustainable way. The facilities are offered for scientific and technological experimentation and research. Located on the edge of a continental shelf, it offers access up to about 600m deep, allowing deep investigations and access to wide water columns. On the other hand, the habitability and resting areas allows investigations to be carried out during a continuous period of 24/7/365.
A service for the installation of devices, prototypes or new materials for ocean testing is offered; collection of samples; installation and uninstallation, connection and manipulation in experiments and trials.