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24 m. Research vessel for multipurpose coastal oceanographic cruises (in partnership with the Instituto Canario de Ciencias Marinas –ICCM-)

12 m. Multipurpose fast boat QUER 40 Pro

5.5 m RIB for coastal operations support.

Multipurpose 70 m2, control room fitted with dedicated hardware and software equipment for real time control, surveillance, management and data display of the gathered information from a wide range of the operational observing platforms, including gliders.

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Dedicated 200 m2 dry and wet mechanical and electronics glider lab, with specific workbench, tools and ballasting area for glider maintenance and setup.


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Main facilities available so far are: 200 m2 underwater vehicles lab, 24/12 m. ships and 5.5 m. RIB, multifunctional 70 m2 control room, test site at the NE of Gran Canaria island with 40 Kms2 with depths from shore to 15400 meters, deep ocean observatory over 3600 meters depth placed 60 Nm off-North shore of Canary Islands Archipelago -ESTOC site-, glider fleet, small and medium size ROVs, direct and close access to great depths, harbour facilities nearby, oceanic platform facility (under construction -expected operational in 2013-).


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