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All glider technologies described have a high modular component allowing on-demand payload sensor configurations according to the application and the user needs. However, there are some sensors or parameters to measure more “typical” than others (CTD, Dissolved Oxigen, chlorophyll, CDOM, Hydrocarbons, sea currents, noise, meteorological parameters, PAR, nutrients, turbulence,…among others).

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The EXOCETUS CG is a costal underwater glider depth-rated up to 200 meters and developed by ANT (Alaska Native Technologies) under a US-Office of Naval Research program. Nowadays, it is marketed by EXOCETUS brand.

The CMR SailBuoy is an unmanned surface ocean vessel capable of travelling the oceans for extended periods of time. It navigates the oceans autonomously - transmitting back data at regular intervals. The SailBuoy can be used for a wide variety of ocean applications. From measuring ocean and atmospheric parameters to tracking oil spills or acting as a communication relay station for subsea instrumentation.

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The Wave Glider, a surface unmanned autonomous marine robot (glider) under design of Derek and Roger Hine, represents an innovative approach to ocean persistent presence. It harnesses ocean wave energy to provide essentially limitless propulsion while solar panels continually replenish the batteries used to power the Wave Glider’s control electronics and payload systems. The vehicle is propelled by the purely mechanical conversion of ocean wave energy into forward thrust, independent of wave direction. The Wave Glider (marketed by Liquid Robotics) employs a multi-patented design that allows it to cost-effectively collect and transmit data gathered during yearlong missions, over distances of thousands of miles, or while holding station.

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