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27-10-2011. PLOCAN staff members join the mission.

On October 27th took place in the East surrounding waters of Terceira island (Azores) a reconnaissance mission aboard the Portuguese Navy vessel F471 intended for an in-situ inspection of the "Silbo" glider after 136 days of mission and 3250 kilometers distance sailed, since its launch in the waters of Reykjavik (Iceland) last June 26th.

The mission, under the name of Challenger-1, has as main goal to circumnavigate the North Atlantic. For this purpose, a multidisciplinary team of scientists and technicians is in charge, including Teledyne Webb Research company (TWR), Rutgers University (RU-COOL), the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) and the Oceanic Platform of the Canary islands (PLOCAN).

Reached the Azores archipelago, the next point of contact with "Silbo" is expected to take place in Madeira at the end of December, starting the last transect of this first mission phase, scheduled to end in the Canaries in February 2012.

The mission also served to launch and operate two drifters which are part of the Macaronesian marine observation program, in cooperation with the CMMG at University of Azores.