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After 26 days of continuous mission this morning at 9:15 am has been picked up in waters Southwest of Gran Canaria (Mogan) an autonomous observing device called WaveGlider “Hermes”. A proper planning and coordination between the different companies and institutions involved (among others Liquid Robotics, Inc. (LRI), EMS and the Oceanic Platform of the Canary islands (PLOCAN) has allowed to conclude successfully the VULCANO mission.


More than 480 nautical miles are in total the path sailed by Hermes during its course through Southern waters of the archipelago, and specifically in Mar de Las Calmas (El Hierro island). Gathered data, already in phase of analysis, will certainly provide valuable information from the the monitored area in terms of physical and biogeochemical seawater parameters.

The WaveGlider is remotely piloted, self-powered and controlled by skilled personnel from the Wave Glider Operations Center (WGOC) in cooperation with PLOCAN in this case.

The data and information generated during the mission may be freely checked through PLOCAN and Liquid Robotics (requires user + password) website.