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Muestreo estacional ESTOC  verano 2013

Staff from the area of Underwater Vehicles, Instruments and Machines (VIMAS) in PLOCAN have put into operation an underwater glider in waters off East Gran Canaria in order to perform a seasonal sampling and monitoring of physical and biogeochemical parameters in the water column at the European Station for Time-series in the OCean (ESTOC), within the context of the Macaronésican Strategy for Marine and Maritime Monotiring (R3M), which in turn converges in some of the major projects and monitoring programs in the global ocean (EMSO, OceanSites, EGO, IOC-GOOS, GROOM, ICOS, ... among others).

Estancia Anfog 

From mid-June until 12th July 2013, Josue Viera, trainee at PLOCAN, spent a formative stay at the Australian National Facility for Ocean Gliders (ANFOG), within the framework of the European project COST ES0904 (European Cooperation in Science and Technology).