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Jornadas Ingenieria Hidrografica

The headquarters of the Hydrographic Institute of Portugal placed in Lisbon, hosted last week between 24th and 26th June, the third edition of the Conference on Hydrographic Engineering, matching as usual with the Hydrography's global day.
The biannual event has had in this present edition more than 200 attendees distributed in parallel sessions of oral presentations and poster concerning the latest technical advances and scientific studies related to disciplines such as marine geology, physical oceanography, hydrography, hydrographic engineering, ocean observing systems and platforms, etc.

Estoc Fondeo 2014

The Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN) successfully concluded the mooring of the meteorological and oceanographic instrumentation for observation at ESTOC (European Station Time-series Ocean Canaries), located to the north of the Canary Islands. The mooring represents a technological and scientific effort for PLOCAN, as the preparation and ocean deployment have been entirely carried out by this consortium. The data taken will be transmitted via satellite in real time.

This deep mooring is fixed at 3.624m and it is composed of a surface buoy which includes the meteorological as well as the surface oceanographic sensors to measure physical and biochemical parameters in the ocean surface. It also counts on a frame in sub-surface waters (about 100m), which brings together sensors to monitor physical and biochemical variables in the water column.