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Participación de PLOCAN en el Día Marítimo Europeo

PLOCAN has actively participated at the European Maritime Day conference held in Bremen (Germany) on 19th-20th May 2014. This conference sees industry experts and policy makers from across Europe come together to discuss how innovation and research in the maritime economy can drive a European growth and jobs recovery whilst securing a sustainable future for Europe's seas. PLOCAN intervened on a Thematic Session and organized a Stakeholder Workshop in the scope of the FP7 funded TROPOS Project.

The thematic Session in which PLOCAN participated was “Ocean Technologies, Investment for Sustainability”, which discussed how innovation in ocean technologies can offer solutions for sustainable economic growth while contributing to better understanding and protection of marine ecosystems. At this session the coordinator of TROPOS and General Manager of PLOCAN, José Joaquín Hernández Brito, introduced one of the technological challenges which need to be addressed to support complex industrial operations at sea/offshore/deep-sea: the Multi-Use Offshore Platforms (MUOPs).

The Stakeholder Workshop “Multi-use Offshore platforms as innovation spearheads for sustainable maritime economy“ was coordinated by PLOCAN and co-organized by its sisters Oceans of Tomorrow (OoT) MUOP projects: H2OCEAN and MERMAID. The Workshop was opened by Ms. Gaëlle Le Bouler, OoT MUOP Projects Officer, who highlighted the huge potential of innovation inside the three OoT projects related to platforms design, sites selection and global Lifecycle Assessment approach.

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Visita Técnica a Mindelo

Within the framework of ESTRAMAR project (Macaronesian Marine and Maritima Strategy) included at the Transnational Cooperation Program Açores - Madeira - Canarias, PCT-MAC/3/C177O, and aiming to promote Marine and Maritime R & D in the European and African Macaronesian regions, on the 14thand 15th of May several technical and outreach activities have taken place at the head quarters o fInstituto Nacional de Desenvolvimento das Fisheries (INDP) in Mindelo,Cape Verde.

Technical staff by the Canary Islands Oceanic Platform (PLOCAN) moved to Mindelo and performed works in cooperation with personnel from INDP related to the update of meteo-oceanographic devices that currently integrates the R3M (RedMarine-Maritime Macaronésica) in the archipelago of CapeVerde. Specifically, the HC-1015 moored buoy and 502 weather station.