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The PLOCAN consortium has taken delivery of a new autonomous unmanned vehicle for marine observation. A Sailbuoy from Offshore Sensing AS has been obtained through supply contract L-CSU-PA-4/2015, fulfilled by the company awarded with the contract, Grafinta S.A.

Together with the other units that currently make up the PLOCAN autonomous marine vehicle fleet, the Sailbuoy will enable an increase in the quality and quantity of measurements of meteorological and oceanographic parameters in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Steering Committee of FP7-NeXOS

On 14th - 15th April 2016, the sixth steering committee meeting for FP7-NEXOS was held in Rastede, Germany. FP7-NEXOS is a European technological project that is led by PLOCAN and which aims to develop new sensors for oceanographic observations. In attendance were representatives of the multidisciplinary consortium, which is formed of 21 European partner businesses and institutions directly linked to technological development and innovation in the marine and maritime sectors.

NEXOS aims to develop cost-effective, innovative and compact multifunctional sensor systems which can be integrated into mobile and fixed ocean observation platforms, in addition to developing downstream services for the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), Good Environmental Status (GES) of European marine waters (Marine Framework Strategy Directive) and the European Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).