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The PLOCAN shore facilities hosted an information conference on the funding opportunities for R+D+i projects for Blue Economy companies as part of the SmartBlue territorial co-operation project to promote the competitiveness of blue economy companies of the Macaronesia Region through a network of clusters to support processes of innovation and international expansion by working together to harness joint synergies, capabilities and resources.

The co-ordinator of the Scientific-Technical and Innovation Area, Joaquín Hernández Brito, gave an overview of the scientific and technological energy-related challenges of the marine-maritime sector and an idea of the R+D+i agenda for the next few years at the International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association (ICHCA) conference.

In his presentation, Hernández Brito pointed out that there are clear synergies between PLOCAN and the marine and maritime sector value chain in the Canary Islands, particularly with the ports. The areas of R+D+i that PLOCAN supports in the marine-maritime sector converge to offer the capacity for innovation and to position the Canary Islands in the face of the industry’s challenges over the coming years, particularly in the field of reducing the emissions of CO2 and other pollutants. He also explained that the PLOCAN test bed allows new prototypes and technologies to be tested for harnessing marine renewable energies, which will also be available in the near future in ports and maritime transport, along with other developments such as new accumulation systems, electric and/or hybrid engines, the use of innovative materials and more energy-efficient designs.

PLOCAN participated to the EMSO (European Multi-Disciplinary Seafloor and wáter-column Observatory) ERIC All Regions Workshop as the organisation in charge of EMSO Spain and representative of the Canary Islands node. EMSO is a large scale, distributed, marine Research Infrastructure (RI) of fixed-point observatories serving marine science researchers, marine technology engineers, policy makers, and the public.

A PLOCAN delegation composed of Plocan’s manager, Paula Pacheco; the legal advisor, Alicia Hernández, and the network administrator, Javier Velasco, attended the VII ICTS Managers’ annual meeting (Scientific Infrastructures and Singular Techniques)), to which PLOCAN pertains. The meeting took place at the National Hydrogen Center (CNH2) in Puertollano (Ciudad Real), and was opened by the mayor, Ms. Mayte Fernández.