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The offices of NTNU situated in Trondheim fjord, in Norway, was the site chosen to demonstrate and validate the final stage of the Smart Robot Submarines Working in Co-operative Network.

PLOCAN took part in the 5th Hydrographic Engineering Conference, held in Lisbon, with contributions made in the sessions on Operational Oceanography and Marine Observation Technologies, showing activities relating to the Macaronesia Observation Strategy R3M (Macaronesia Marine-Maritime Network), which is currently being rolled out through projects like ECOMARPORT, results gathered in the latest glider missions in Macaronesia and the most important advances made in the context of the European SWARMs Project.

The head offices of the Hydrographic Institute of Portugal hosted this biannual event, which attracted over 300 delegates this year, who attended parallel sessions of lectures and posters on the latest technological advances and scientific-technical studies from disciplines such as marine geology, physical oceanography, hydrography, hydrographic engineering, marine observation systems and platforms, etc.

The “Monitoring of Side Catch Species from Gillnet and Pot Fishing in Gran Canaria on the PLOCAN test bed” project" DESPESCA, co-ordinated by PLOCAN, continues the programmed field work that will generate the data necessary for conducting a study of artisanal fishing with pots and gillnets, to assess the survival rates of side catch after they have been in fish farm cages.

The vessels started on 3rd May, making 19 trips during the first seven weeks of the study aboard the fishing vessels of the San Cristóbal and Melenara Fishermen’ Co-operatives working with the project, recording 62 fishing operations, 10 with gillnets and 99 with pots. The most common species captured with pots included parrot fish (Sparisoma cretense), pygmy file fish (Stephanolepis hispidus), pink dentex (Dentex gibbosus), black sea bream (Spondyliosoma cantharus) and pandora (Pagellus erythrinus). The commonest species caught with gillnets are axillary sea bream (Pagellus acarne), two-banded sea bream (Diplodus vulgaris), striped mullet (Mullus surmuletus) and parrot fish (Sparisoma cretense).

An Esteyco marine wind turbine prototype with a telescopic tower capable of generating 5MW has been moored on the PLOCAN test bed to the northeast of Gran Canaria, and its turbine deployed and installed, after being brought from the port of Arinaga, where it was built.