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Companies, research centres, associations and clusters had the chance to discuss and forge possible alliances with U.S. companies in the blue economy sector in a forum organised in the PLOCAN facilities in Taliarte on the 21st of March, due to the interest shown by American companies in finding potential partners and investors to generate business opportunities.

These meetings are part of a US trade mission to the Canary Islands programmed for the 20 – 22 March, organised by the U.S. Department of Trade, the Maritime Alliance Association and the Canary Island Ministry of Economics, Industry, Trade and Knowledge through PROEXCA and PLOCAN.

The activities scheduled include a presentation of the blue economy sector in the Canary Islands in the offices of the Presidency of the Canary Island Government in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and an initial business meeting session in the Hotel Santa Catalina.