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PLOCAN took part in the kick-off meeting for the European EUroMarineRobots –EUMR- (Marine Robotics Research Infrastructure Network) Project held on the 1st and 2nd of March in the facilities of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, the institution co-ordinating the project.

EUMR proposes infrastructure that includes a full range of marine robots, including aerial drones and surface and sub-surface gliders. The combined value of these robots is far greater than the sum of its parts and the project will offer trans-national access to major national marine robotics R+D assets throughout Europe. The partners are members of a wide variety of existing networks and co-operate with international benchmark research facilities. EUMR is the first stage in connecting these networks and assets as a world leader in supporting and growing a sound community of practise in marine-maritime robotics.

A group of 28 students from the Swedish sail training ship TS Älva visited the PLOCAN shore facilities accompanied by a teacher.

Students on this vessel spend approximately two months aboard the TS Älva during their three-year training. This way, these young people combine an extensive study programme with visits to sites in the different ports they sail to complete their training.

The TS Älva was built in 1939 at the Lödöse shipyards, close to Gothenberg, on the west coast of Sweden. Although it was originally used to carry cargo in the Baltic Sea, half a century later, it is used for training voyages. It is a beautiful ship with three masts that carry eight sails, giving a total sail area of six hundred square metres.