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The Macaronesia regional marine observation strategy (R3M) and the use and management of cutting-edge technology for ocean observation aimed at enhancing capabilities and services efficiently and sustainably were the papers presented by PLOCAN at the ”Evolving EOOS: Connecting communities for end-to-end solutions” meeting of the European Ocean Observation System meeting that hosted 400 experts and users working in the field of international ocean observation in Brussels.

Visita Comisaria Europea

Fernando Clavijo, President of the Canary Island Government, Pedro Ortega, Regional Minister of Economy, Industry, Trade and Knowledge, Corina Cretu, EU Commissioner for Regional Policy and the presidents and representatives of the outermost regions of the EU (OR) visited the PLOCAN exhibition in El Mirador shopping centre, which offers a good view of the Outstanding Scientific Technical Infrastructure for developing marine technology and knowledge.

CC Mirador

In El Mirador Shopping Centre an interactive exhibition is being shown in order to explain how PLOCAN becomes a Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructure (ICTS) for the development of the technology and marine knowledge. This involves a network made up by large facilities, resources, equipments and services dedicated to research and cutting edge and high quality technological development.


The main Spanish institution associated with oceanic observation sciences and technologies have discussed improvements in the co-ordination protocols for oceanic observation at the offices of the Spanish Oceanography Institute (IEO), and they have created the National Oceanic Observation Co-ordination Group, with PLOCAN participating as a member.


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