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Simposio AUV 2018

The results of PLOCAN’s autonomous marine glider observation missions undertaken as part of the AtlantOS Project were presented at the International AUV ’18 Symposium, organised by the University of Porto with the support of the International Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE).

Miniferias PLOCAN

The EDUROVs Educational Marine Robotics initiative to bring submarine robotics to young students in a practical fashion, in order to arouse their motivation, vocation and interest in science and technology, along with a knowledge of the ocean, was PLOCAN’s contribution to the Gran Canaria Science and Innovation Week in Canaries Mini-Fair.

Blue Tech Cluster

PLOCAN took part in the fourth annual meeting of Ocean Technology Clusters and Dialogue of Triple Helix Innovation, held in San Diego, California, USA, as part of the 10th Technology Week organised by the San Diego Maritime Alliance.

Clean Energy

The co-ordinator of the PLOCAN Science and Technology Area, José Joaquín Hernández Brito, attended the II Forum of the Clean Energy for European Union Islands Initiative in Lanzarote representing Ocean Energy Europe, (, a European Renewable Energies Association that PLOCAN forms part of.


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