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Sea Tech Week

On the occasion of the Sea Tech Week 2018 in Brest (France), PLOCAN participated to a 3-day scientific and technical workshop co-organised by EMSO ERIC, JERICO-RI and AtlantOS, aiming to increase the level of marine observation practices.


The eighth assembly of the European EMSO ERIC initiative, a research infrastructure for observing the marine environment consisting of nodes that allow for the physical and bio-geo-chemical characterisation of the main variables for establishing the state of the marine environment, from the surface to the seabed, held its eight assembly in the head offices of the CSIC in Barcelona.

Aanchor Project

The main ambition of AANChOR is to promote the implementation of the South Atlantic Research and Innovation Flagship initiative and the Belém Statement (BS), signed by the EU, Brazil and South Africa in 2017. The main objective is to upscale research and innovation cooperation within the Atlantic basin, from Antarctica to the Arctic. AANChOR will produce a framework to identify and contribute to the implementation of concrete long-term collaborative activities, reinforcing international cooperation between Europe and tropical and South Atlantic countries and connecting with the challenges and research needs of the North Atlantic Ocean.

WaveGlider Marcet Mission

The Canary Island Oceanic Platform (PLOCAN) has sent a Wave Glider autonomous vehicle on a mission equipped with an array of meteorological and oceanographic sensors designed to pick up acoustic traces of cetaceans between Gran Canaria and Madeira, as part of the “Macaronesian Network of Inter-Regional and Multi-disciplinary Knowledge and Technology Transfer to protect, monitor and surveillance of cetaceans in the marine environment and sustainably analyse and manage the associated tourism activity” (MARCET) project, which studies marine mammals in Macaronesia.


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