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The “Blue Education Summer Campus, organised by PLOCAN from the 2nd to the 6th of July, took place in the shore facilities of the Canary Island Oceanic Platform, offering theory and practical contents related to the marine-maritime sector. The Campus was organised in five sessions for nine students from the island of Gran Canaria, although 20 students from the Canary Island Science and Technology Campus joined the last session.

An industrial and scientific delegation from Japan took part in a conference focusing on off-shore wind power at the Canary Island Oceanic Platform today, where they visited the test bed – a 23 km2 area of sea where several prototypes have been tested, and which is the site for the first off-shore wind turbine in Spain.

Fernando Clavijo, President of the Canary Islands, emphasised the "major potential offered by Canary Island waters, and more specifically, the 23 km2 of the Canary Island Oceanic Platform (PLOCAN) test site, as a research area for developing new off-shore wind power prototypes" in the course of his visit to the mooring site of Esteyco Engineering’s marine wind turbine prototype for the Elican Project.

Fernando Clavijo visited the mooring of the wind turbine accompanied by the Canary Island regional Minister of Economy, Industry, Trade and Knowledge, Pedro Ortega, the chairman of the Committee of Experts for Studying Climate Change and Promoting the Circular and Blue Economy, Aridane González, the co-ordinator of the Scientific-Technical and Innovation area of PLOCAN, Joaquín Hernández Brito, the Chief Executive Officer of PLOCAN, Paula Pacheco, and Vidina Monagas, technologist of the Scientific-Technical and Innovation area of PLOCAN.

The offices of NTNU situated in Trondheim fjord, in Norway, was the site chosen to demonstrate and validate the final stage of the Smart Robot Submarines Working in Co-operative Network.


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