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Land Headquarters

The headquarters on land provides 400 m2 of workshops equipped for electronics and mechanical integration, repair, storage and logistics, laboratories including a wet laboratory with a saltwater tank, control room for the piloting of marine vehicles and related topics, in addition to meeting rooms, assembly halls, business center, offices, storage areas, among others.


The test site facility at Taliarte harbor is located very close to the land headquarters (few meters distance with direct view between both) and has clear and calm waters with a maximum depth of 8 m. It is an optimal place to carry out initial tests at sea. It is a harbor facility owned by Cabildo of Gran Canaria.

  • Access control 24/7
  • Remote control monitoring system
  • Pontoon facility for testing (240m2)
  • Confined water test site area (1000m2)
  • Berth area of 80 meters for small and medium-sized vessels
  • Depths up to 6.5 meters (fcn Tide level)
  • Services (220V, crane, fresh water and WiFi)
  • Assembly and storage area (500m2)
  • Direct access to deep waters
  • Bar / restaurant and toilets


PLOCAN offers a test site area that covers a public domain marine area located off the Northeast coast of Gran Canaria with 23 km2 and maximum depths of 600 meters, a land headquarters and harbor facilities.

The PUBLIC DOMAIN MARINE area for TRIALS provides to the scientific, institutional and business community unique capabilities to support activities in the deep ocean, with enough environmental guarantees, within a well-known and stable regulated framework.


The main function of the electrical and communications infrastructure is to feed the electrical power generated on the test bed into the distribution network and to transmit data in real time to be processed and analysed in an on-shore control centre. The PLOCAN Smart Grid provides support for experimenting and testing new technologies that use marine energy resources to generate electricity and for connecting technologies for observation and increasing depths.

The infrastructure consists of a sea-to-shore electricity grid and data network installed in the Test Site of PLOCAN, which is an area of maritime-terrestrial public domain.


The system comprises two clearly distinguishable elements:

The infrastructure includes an underwater cable, connectors and auxiliary electrical equipment from the area of the PLOCAN reserve at sea to the sectioning and protection centre located on the coast, which allows alectrical pretection between the 13.2Kv sub-station and the devices connected at sea.

The on-shore center provides transition and connection to a shore-based substation to feed the electricity into the distribution grid (terrestrial electrical system). The electric power transmission capability is dimensioned to carry an initail máximum of up to 15MW to shore.

The “Electricity grid to provide support for experimenting and testing new technologies that use marine energy resources to generate electricity and to connect technologies for observation at increasing depths (REDSUB)” Project is funded through a grant of the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 (FEDER, 85%) and by the call for grants to Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructures (ICTS) of the State Subprogram of ICTS, within the framework of the State Development Program of the Scientific and Technical Research of Excellence of the State Plan for Scientific and Tecnical Research and Innovation 2013-2016 (Spanish Government, 15%).


The project "Electric grid to support the experimentation and testing of new technologies that use marine energy resources to generate electricity ... Keep Reading


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