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Misión SeaGlider portugal

The Portuguese Hydrographic Institute and PLOCAN launched the Seaglider-1K in the Nazaré Submarine Canyon from the ship NRP Auriga in order to carry out a scientific-technical mission between Portugal and Gran Canaria, separated approximately by 1500 kilometres. The device will be collected in Gran Canaria, after two months of continuous and autonomous navigation.

Projecto AtlanOS

PLOCAN participated in the First International AtlantOS Symposium, which supports an All-Atlantic Ocean Observing System. Furthermore, it has highlighted the end of AtlantOS project in order to start the UN (United Nations) strategy ‘Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development’ (2021-2030), including the Paris Declaration on All-Atlantic Ocean Observing.

Conferencia Energia Mayor, Madrid

The director of the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands, Octavio Llinás, gave a conference on PLOCAN within the ‘Energía Mayor’ initiative, which promotes the scientific dissemination between elderly people, celebrated in the National Museum of Natural Sciences. During the conference, the director of PLOCAN explained in detail the facilities, services and current projects of the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands, At the end of the presentation, a discussion between the attendants took place.

Presentación Esteyco

Carlos García Acón, Managing Director of ESTEYCO, presented the implementation of the marine wind turbine prototype Mario Luis Romero Torrent of the ELICAN project located in PLOCAN’s Test Site using the underwater electricity grid (REDSUB). This prototype is the first in Spain and in the south of Europe with a fixed foundation. Furthermore, it is the first marine wind turbine in the world that does not need to use conventional structures during its installation.


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