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ODAS Buoy Autonomous Met-Ocean Monitoring Platform.
Project WELCOME Project WELCOME ( Wave Energy Lift COnverter Multiple España )
5º EGO Meeting and Glider School. From March 14th, Gran Canaria will host a worldwide Engineering and Science Conference for Underwater Observation Gliders.
AENOR SC114 Subcommittee Meeting 18-06-2009. PLOCAN organised the Subcommittee meeting of AENOR AEN/CTN206/SC114.
Visit to the National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) of NOAA in Mississippi (USA) 26-10-2009. Members of PLOCAN presented the initiative to executives and managers of the aforementioned institution.
Visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institution (MBARI) 11-03-2010. The PLOCAN initiative was presented to researchers and engineers of this institution.
European Maritime Day 2010 20-05-2010. Exhibition TECNOART "Blue Ocean goes green", Basilica of the City of Culture (Universidad Laboral de Gijon).

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