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Recogia SeaGlider PLOCAN

The Seaglider M1 launched on April 2nd in the Nazaré Submarine Canyon by the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute and PLOCAN, in order to carry out a scientific-technical mission, was collected in Funchal, Madeira, after covering a total of 1350 km during two months.

This glider mission is necessary for operational tasks of the European iFADO project, in which PLOCAN participates as a partner, as well as for the collaboration agreement between the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute and PLOCAN, in order to increase the ocean observing capabilities in the North-Eastern Central Atlantic, specifically in the Macaronesian Region, using new-generation autonomous technologies for achieving greater efficiency and sustainability.

Funded by the European Interreg Atlantic Area programme, iFADO attempts to detect and cover any technical gaps that there may be in the framework of the deep Atlantic Ocean, using the Framework Directive on Marine Strategy (FDMS) to such end, implemented by applying innovative products. In its implementation, iFADO combines oceanic monitoring using conventional systems and methodologies with cutting-edge technologies like autonomous platforms, including submarine gliders. iFADO is a four-year project, co-ordinated by the IST and with the participation of twenty both public and private partners from Portugal, Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain and France. PLOCAN is responsible for work package five, devoted to emerging oceanic monitoring technologies.

The vehicle’s position, the trajectory covered and the scientific information collected are still available on the PLOCAN data portal by following this link:

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