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On the 16th of June 2019, as part of PLOCAN’s contribution to EMSO, the EGIM (European Generic Instrumentation Module) was deployed on the PLOCAN Test Site East of Gran Canaria.

The EGIM, developed within the frame of the European project EMSODev, is designed to consistently and continuously measure parameters of interest for the science areas covered by the European Research Infrastructure Consortium EMSO, “European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water column Observatory”. EGIM is able to operate on any EMSO node, mooring line, sea bed station, cabled or standalone and/or with a surface buoy.

The EGIM aims to set up a number of ocean locations where the same set of core variables, including temperature, conductivity, pressure, dissolved O2, turbidity, ocean currents, and passive acoustics, are measured homogeneously: using identical hardware, the same sensor references, the same qualification methods, the same calibration methods, the same data format and access, and the same maintenance procedures.

EGIM Device

The EGIM provides all the services required to ensure the best measurement quality and long-term reliability in line with the Best Practices Handbook by FIXO3 and the EMSO Label under development, these services being sensor power distribution, time stamping, data storage and backup, protection against the environment and against fouling and bi-directional communication services.

It is the first time the EGIM has been deployed in stand-alone mode. The system will be recovered end of July 2019 and the data will then be downloaded from the system for analysis.